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SimplePlus Team

Dr. Kevin P. Cope, Chief Executive Officer, kevin.cope@simpleplus.io

Dr. Patricia Deshane, Chief Information Officer patricia.deshane@simpleplus.io

Jake Cope, Chief Computer Programmer, jake.cope@simpleplus.io

Noah McDonald, Chief Security Officer, noah.mcdonald@simpleplus.io

Sam Weber, Customer Service Manager, sam.weber@simpleplus.io

Bill Trojan, Photography & Sales Manager, bill.trojan@simpleplus.io

SimpleWellness Team

Josh Young, joshua.young@simpleplus.io

Colton Ryan, colton.ryan@simpleplus.io

Zach Sauve zach.sauve@simpleplus.io

Gary White,  gary.white@simpleplus.io

SimpleMedia Team

Jacob Gundersen, jacob.gundersen@simpleplus.io

Sally Cope, sally.cope@simpleplus.io

Alex Hitrick, alex.hitrick@simpleplus.io

Jake Samples, jake.samples@simpleplus.io

Logistic Support Team

Andy Lang, andrew.lang@simpleplus.io

Scott Lee, scott.lee@simpleplus.io

Experience and Professionalism

Healthcare and computer experts working together to add value to healthcare practices.